Enough with the overwhelm and stress. Let’s break it down to the most important components your website has to have if you’re to be taken seriously in this game we call business.


Let’s get real. It’s 2019 and we can all tell the templates from the customs. Fads come and go with the blink of an eye and everything has a new update all the time. Logos seem to be easier to access and this is making it all the more of a challenge to stand out above the crowd. Sure, you can just slap the name of your business at the top of your site in a nice font, or create your own for free on a site like Canva, but if it’s that easy to do, how many others are doing the same thing?

Stop messing around, take yourself and your business seriously and invest in a custom logo that properly reflects you and your business.

Here are a couple of my favorite designs from earlier this year. ⇒


I’m going to be brutally honest, a stock image or phone photo has NO business on a professional website. When we’re starting out, and we have limited resources, we do the best we can. I get it. I’ve been there. But once the ball is rolling, and we are considering making bigger investments into our business, professional branding photography is a must. A picture is worth a thousand words, and you want to make those words count every time a potential client lands on your virtual real estate.

So, own it with some badass images of you working your magic.


This one is a bit broad but let’s break it down into two prongs: layout design and copywriting. For layout, if you’re self-hosting and working from a template, keep it simple. Work with the same colors and fonts throughout your site. If you have a custom logo design, let that be the foundation layer for the general aesthetic. Your photos should all weave into the layout nicely, matching the color scheme and general message of your site. If your expertise does not lie in design or the arts, this can definitely be overwhelming and confusing. Ask those who do have an eye for these things to give your site a good look, or hire an expert to perform an audit that will include a look at the design.

The other thing that an expert is more qualified to observe is your copywriting, the second prong to this component. I see this mistake often when clients first come to me–the copy is all over the place. First person here, third person there, “I” here, “we” there. Some pieces sound more conversational, and others look like they came straight from a template. Yikes. Just as, if not more, important as your design is your writing. This is your voice, this is how your client is meeting you for the first time if they are landing on your website. You want them to know you when they read your Home and About pages. So speak with a steady voice throughout. Find out what kind of tone they will receive best, and stick to it.

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